Criales & Urcullo is the result of a merger between the Urcullo Law Firm and Criales and Associates.

The Urcullo Law Firm was a family law firm whose background dates back to the constitution of the Republic of Bolivia (1825). Criales and Associates was a law firm with experience acquired in the economic reforms introduced in Bolivia since 1993.

 The outcome of the merger in 1998 was a Law Firm, which is leader in Bolivia in its areas of expertise.


Criales & Urcullo is one of the most important law firms in Bolivia.

Professional fees

The amount of our fees is taking into account the time actually spent in the attention of the case, the specialization and the quantity involved.

We are willing to agree our services based on an hourly basis, lump sum or a monthly retainer.

As a general rule, the fees are analyzed and agreed with the client before the attention of the case.

Expenses of each case are not included in our fees and are estimated by us at the beginning of the provision of services. Any provision of expenses is subject to documented reports by our Law Firm